Thursday, September 4, 2008

The People Are Excited

Since last Saturday, as I have gone door to door visiting with my constituents, I have seen a new excitement in the eyes of the people as they are once again hopeful that maybe, just maybe, with Governor Sarah Palin's help there might actually be a chance of substantive changes in our government. The people are once again excited about voting and about the prospects for change. I have not seen this type of excitement since I went door to door in 2004 when Dr. Coburn was on the ballot.

I received this email from a constituent who has historically not been very politically involved but was willing to write me a very well written email about how excited she is at Palin's nomination.

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In a nutshell? If McCain wins, it'll be because of the votes she brings. Even if she isn't all that the hype says she is, she has singlehandedly energized the entire Republican party. That's pretty amazing for a previously lackluster campaign.
As a woman? In spite of the fact that I KNOW they're going after the woman's vote ... she is a woman's woman. Strong. Capable. Intelligent. Attractive. Knowledgeable. Do all these things matter individually? Nope. But they make for an excellent package. She is the embodiment, if you will, of what my ideal American woman should be. The unsung heroes. The moms that make everything happen. And I know that's reverse feminism ... but I don't care. I think it's true anyway. :-)
As a single mom I actually swallowed hard a few times last night.
Me. Unbelievable. Even when I knew I was being courted as a woman, I succumbed anyway (grin)
She has a pregnant daughter. That calls to me. She has a special needs kid ... MY favorite line (total and female emotions, I know) MY favorite line was when she spoke directly to the parents of special needs kids and said, "You will have an advocate in the White House." Her sister owns a small business. Her parents were school teachers. I like the fact that (nothing personal) she didn't take her kids out of school, she went to the school and tried to change the system.
To me, that "advocate in the White House" principle applies to everything. To the common people. To the small business owners. To struggling parents. To people who have no use for politics or empty promises of hope and change. Direct. Practical. She KNOWS about the pipelines. What I don't know, she does. I loved her courage. Her humor. Her very intelligent digs at Obama. Humor mixed with honesty was devastating. I loved that she didn't whine and cry about anything at all. Not about the way the media has gone after her. Not about femi-nazis. Not about her child. Not about her daughter. She just said, "We're a normal family like everyone else." Yowza.
She mildly spanked Obama and sent him to the corner. You just gotta love it. I remember watching Obama in the DNC and waiting and waiting and WAITING for the real substance she presented in the first five minutes. If I weren't already leaning, I would change my vote to Republican immediately.
My respect for McCain grew just because he picked her. Huh. I would get involved in politics if she asked me today (maybe not tomorrow when the hype wears off ... but for today? Yep). She gave back a jet and a limo. She doesn't deal with lobbyists. She balanced the budget and she believes in lower taxes. What's not to like?
No doubt we will discover skeletons in her closet. Fortunately I don't expect politicians or movie stars to be perfect. I think everyone's human. And if I'm going to be absolutely honest? She gets an automatic "pass" for the little stuff just for that speech last night. I know someone else wrote it. But if her history proves to be true ... that tells the story of character. I still don't know Obama's history. That was overwhelmingly demonstrated yesterday by the simple telling of hers.
But I think she's great for the job ... and if she's looking for a future and I had to vote today, I would vote for her as President for two terms. Here's hoping she does well on the debates. Too bad they don't have her lined up for a national speech November 3.

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