Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Open Door Policy - July 19, 2010

I hope everyone is staying safe in this heat. It has been miserable for many of the people and animals out in the daytime. Please remember to drink plenty of water, and if you have outside pets, keep water available for them in something that will not tip over. We received a notice at the Capitol recently about pets going without shade and water and asking us to communicate this message to our districts.

It has been just has hot around the Capitol with several of the campaigns starting to to get nasty. I hope everyone remembers that election day is next Tuesday, July 27th for the primary elections to select people within the political parties for the November ballot. We have several great candidates for office so I hope we see a high turnout to select the best on election day. Good luck to all of the people who have put their names on the ballot.

I recently proposed a change in the way we pass bills at the State Capitol. In years past, we have allowed authors to have complete control to change bills in the final days of session if the legislation is in conference committee, and even remove amendments passed by the body from these bills. I suggested we allow the bills go through the same committee in each body which originally heard the legislation. This will provide a great deal of accountability and transparency on these bills. I've had bipartisan support shown on this suggestion, so we will see how that goes when session starts back in November following the elections.

We will have plenty to talk about with this and other issues at the town hall meetings I have slated for the next few weeks. This upcoming Thursday, July 22, will be at Apache at the Clark-Bohart Community Building and the following week, Thursday, July 29, will be at the Elgin Senior Nutrition Site. At Apache, the band, Cooter Brown, will also be playing after we eat. I hope you will be able to make it to one of the upcoming town hall meetings in your home area. I have a full list posted on my website at if you want to see when the closest to you will occur.

Finally, I want to thank my good friend, Mike Doyle, for his service as my treasurer over the past eight years. Mike has been a huge help on assisting me with tax policy and was key to helping get the tax credit passed for students showing livestock. Mike is going to take a break from politics and focus more on his business and family. The Doyle's had a tragic loss with the passing of his nephew from a train accident a few weeks ago. Joey Doyle worked with me one year on campaigns and was currently studying law in Washington, D.C. He was a good man and will be missed by all his friends and family. Mike celebrated his birthday on Monday with family and friends and will still be an active part of the community, but wants to focus on things closer to him and I appreciate all the work he has done for our area. Jered Davidson of Broxton will be taking over as my campaign treasurer and I appreciate his work as my former intern and the effort he puts in for the State 4-H Foundation.

It is an honor to represent your views at the State Capitol. If you wish to contact me and discuss one of these or another issue, I can be reached at my office in Oklahoma City toll-free at 1-800-522-8502, or directly at 1-405-557-7305. My e-mail address is at work. My mailing address is PO Box 559, Rush Springs, OK 73082 and my website is on the Internet. Thank you for taking time to read this column and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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