Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Town Hall Meetings

I will be hosting a series of Town Hall Meetings across House District 31 this week.

During the last mid-term interim, I conducted a series of these meetings in order to provide updates about both state and local government events and to provide an opportunity for questions and answers so my constituents could be better informed about issues of importance to them.

The meetings were attended by several hundred people and provided another opportunity to see how people felt about the issues at hand. This feedback has allowed me to advocate for issues such as road funding and property tax reform knowing that I was representing the desires of the people. I am also very appreciative to a number of other elected officials who took the time to attend those meetings as guest speakers.

Earlier this year I requested feedback via my legislative survey about where to hold this year's meetings and based on that feedback, there will be four Town Hall Meetings which will all start at 7:00 p.m.

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 25, in the North Oklahoma/Southwest Logan county area at the Waterloo Road Baptist Church. Speakers at the meeting will be State Senator Clark Jolly, State Senator Randy Brogdon and Logan County Commissioner Mark Sharpton.

I have been privileged to work with both of these State Senators over the past few years and we have co-sponsored several issues together. Senator Jolly represents much of North Oklahoma County and South Logan County and is the expert in the Senate on technology issues. It was Jolly who successfully presented HB 1170 which will mandate the savings of over 30 million dollars to taxpayers each year by eliminating unnecessary technology costs. Jolly also carried the Human Services transparency bill that was requested by a Logan County group.

Senator Brogdon served as the Senate author for the modernization bill I have written about and the pay-as-you-go roads bill that was requested by a member of a Logan County roads district. Brogdon is running for Governor next year and this will be a fantastic chance for you to meet someone that you will be considering on the 2010 Gubernatorial ballot.

Commissioner Sharpton will update local residents about the progress being made on area road projects, including the upcoming paving projects on Pennsylvania Avenue and Broadway Road.

A Guthrie area meeting will be held September 29 at Community Church, 512 E. Seward Rd. The invited guest speaker is new State Senator Jim Halligan. Senator Halligan represents much of eastern Logan County and the east side of Guthrie.

A southeast Logan County meeting will take place October 27 at Woodcrest Fire Station. The invited guest is new County Commissioner Mike Pearson. The forum will give Commissioner Pearson the opportunity to talk about some of the upcoming projects in southeast Logan County, such as the funding secured for Midwest and Luther Roads and the paving project on Pine and Camp Roads.

The north Logan County meeting will be December 1 at the Crescent Community Center, the guest speaker being State Senator Patrick Anderson who represents much of north and west Logan County and County Commissioner Monty Piercy will be present to take any questions deal with local road issues.

Much like last time, we will prepare comprehensive handouts at the meetings which will provide information about everything from the modernization issues to the long-term road paving schedules. If you cannot, attend please be sure to contact me to request a copy of this handout. You may e-mail me at or call my office at 557-7350. I look forward to seeing you at one of these meetings.

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