Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Proctor Seeks Repeal of Taxes on Second Amendment

Oklahoma House of Representatives
Media Division
December 16, 2008

Contact: State Rep. Eric Proctor
Capitol: (405) 557-7410

Proctor Seeks Repeal of Taxes on Second Amendment

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Eric Proctor today said he will file legislation to repeal the sales tax on the purchase of guns or ammunition in Oklahoma .
“As Americans, we should not have to pay a tax to exercise our constitutional rights – especially our Second Amendment rights,” said Proctor, D-Tulsa.
The measure, by Proctor and state Sen. Kenneth Corn (D-Howe), will not affect any dedicated revenue stream for wildlife or other programs and the measure would have minimal impact on the state treasury.
“In Oklahoma , we have a long tradition of sportsmanship and hunting that precedes statehood and we should protect that heritage,” Proctor said.
He said the tax should also be repealed because it could be a barrier for those needing protection.
“People shouldn’t have to pay a tax to the government if they need a gun in the home for self-protection,” Proctor said. “No matter what, the responsibility to protect your family is greater than the state’s need to generate taxes.”


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Anonymous said...

absurd...another way for Proctor to look good in the eyes of his cronies in the NRA....