Monday, October 27, 2008

Open Door Policy - Oct. 27, 2008

Photo: Rep. Joe Dorman (left) with Harold Jackson, owner of the Chickasha McDonald's and Coach Barry Switzer
I'll start off the column this week by reminding you that next Tuesday is Election Day and please vote if you are registered. You can go to your polling place that day or vote at the county courthouse on Friday, Saturday or Monday. I'm as frustrated as many of you are about some of the choices we have, but it's important to make your voice heard, even if you have to skip over one election and vote for the others on the ballot. Also, do not forget about the state questions on the back of the ballot.
It has been a busy few weeks around the area with several different events occurring. The Chickasha Fire Department had their annual car show and chili cook off this past weekend, which was a huge success. There was also a benefit held in Elgin that raised funds for Bob Welch who was injured in a crash. Further donations can be taken to Brad Meyers at Liberty National Bank in Elgin if you would like to assist him.
Last week, the Ronald McDonald House in Oklahoma City had the Red Shoe Gala, their annual fundraiser. They raised an estimated amount of over $180,000 for the home in Oklahoma City. The money will go to support services for the children and families that stay there during the children's illness while in Oklahoma City. The home has been there since 1984. The families that use the center are often times cannot afford a hotel room for the extended stay of the treatment and and over 97% of the families are from Oklahoma. This is also a program that 4-H students raise money for each year and I first became acquainted with their program when we donated to them while I was a student. If you would like more information, you can reach them at (405) 424.6874. Most of the interim studies have been heard, but I have one coming up on November 6th regarding the possibility of updates for voter rolls and notification to state agencies upon the death of an Oklahoman. The Department of Health does not currently share this information automatically and it would help a great deal for other agencies to know this information. I remember seeing my grandmother's name on the voter rolls after she had passed and thought this would be good to have the names removed so the family does not have to go through current channels. Should a name be mistakenly removed, provisional ballot would still be allowed so a vote will not be prohibited. I authored the bill that allowed provisional ballots here in Oklahoma.
It is an honor to represent your views at the State Capitol. If you wish to contact me and discuss one of these or another issue, I can be reached at my office in Oklahoma City toll-free at 1-800-522-8502, or directly at 1-405-557-7305. My e-mail address is at work. My mailing address is PO Box 559, Rush Springs, OK 73082 and my website is on the Internet. Thank you for taking time to read this column and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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