Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Murphey Legislative Update

Representative Jason Murphey
Legislative Update for 2/7/2007

On Monday, Governor Brad Henry opened the legislative session with his State of the State address. The Governor is again asking the legislature to expand the size of government. In his presentation, he outlined several major costly proposals. The highlight of these was his plan for the expansion of the education system to three year olds. The Governor also purposes to indebt the taxpayers to more than $666,000,000 of new bonded indebtedness. I do not support the Governor's efforts to expand the size of government or his attempt to place us in more debt. Unfortunately, Governor Henry did not use the occasion of the state of the state to talk about cutting government spending, reducing our tax burden or immigration reform. I do, however, support the Governor's call for the creation of a state government web site which would enable the people to see how government spends our money.

This year, conservatives in the House of Representatives will be charged with helping to stem the onslaught of big government headed our way. Over the past two years, the size of state government has grown by nearly 30%. To put that growth in perspective, had we simply managed to limit government expansion over the past two years, it would almost have been possible to eliminate the state personal income tax. I firmly believe that an important value held by Oklahomans is that of limited government and I intend to represent that value by opposing attempts to increase the size of government.

Much legislative time during the next three weeks will be spent in committee meetings. Because of the change in the house committee structure, a new layer of sub-committees has been added to the path taken by a bill as it proceeds through the house. This means that the author of legislation has to get his or her bill approved by two committees before the bill is heard by the full house.

If you have issues important to you, please feel free to contact me at 557-7350 or on the web at Prior to the session, I worked to develop a system of constituent advisory committees which can provide input and expertise on issues of importance. Please contact me if you would like to serve in an advisory capacity on any specific issue. I am also happy to help constituents who wish to be informed of the progress of individual legislation as it moves through the process.

I appreciate the honor and opportunity to serve as your State Representative and look forward to assisting residents of House District 31 in any way possible.

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